I love this style of cake

This is another take on my game of thrones cake and I love it! This chocolate cake and throne are all completely edible (although the topper will keep as a keepsake) and it’s a style I enjoy doing!

Sorry I’ve been quiet lately!

It’s been a bit crazy this week but I’ve been working hard! Check out my latest cake! I don’t do many three tier cakes so it was definitely a challenge. It has three flavours, caramel, vanilla and chocolate so there’s something for everyone!

More Cake Filled Easter Eggs

A different take on the cake filled Easter eggs, caramel and white chocolate 🤤

This time it’s chunks of vanilla sponge, layered with caramel, topped with caramel buttercream and a caramel egg or chunks of vanilla sponge, layered with white chocolate ganache, white chicolate chunks, and topped with white chocolate buttercream 😋

Which one do you prefer?

Chocolate overload cakes

If you’re looking for a birthday cake but don’t want to break the bank, these chocolate overload cakes are only £45. Personalised with a name and their favourite chocolate it’s a great way to celebrate!

You have a choice of vanilla or chocolate filling and, if chocolate isn’t your thing, a vanilla cake can be covered in your favourite sweets instead!

Get in touch via messenger or email to order 😊

Latest practice cake

Cake decorating is very much a hobby as well as a business, and every so often I do it just for fun!

This one took longer than normal because I didn’t have a deadline but I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Everything is handmade by myself and I’m pretty darn proud if I do say so myself 😂😂

Hope you like it too!

Video of the football team cake

Here’s one of the videos as promised. Watching this has made me realise two things.

There’s no need for fancy equipment. I use a glass for a circle cutter and a pizza wheel to cut my fondant 😂

And, if I cleaned up a bit as I go along, and move the mixer, wouldn’t be trying to work in such a small space 🙈 life would be so much easier haha.

I hope you enjoy watching it!!

This weeks cakes

The first of two cakes done this week is based on the little girls favourite book, Pirates Wear Underpants! I’ve never made a shark wearing pants before 😂 all models were handmade by myself.

The second cake was to celebrate the young boys favourite team! I loved doing this one!

I’ve made videos of both cakes and will be sharing them through the week!

Crystal xx

White and gold ruffle cake

This is probably one of the more elegant cakes I’ve ever done!

This lemon sponge cake is covered in handmade ruffles which were then hand painted with the gold. Making, placing and painting the ruffles took 5 hours but the overall effect was definitely worth it.

I really do love this cake 😍

Crystal xx

Easter is coming!!! 🐣

I started my business almost a whole year ago so I’m making the most of Easter this year!!!

My newest thing is cake filled Easter eggs 🤤

These treats are full on chocolate overload! Half an Easter egg shell, filled with chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream and then topped with more chocolate (or caramel!) definitely not for the faint hearted!

My chocolate indulgence doesn’t stop there, I’m also adding cheesecakes to my Easter menu. Choose from Creme Egg or mini egg. These can be frozen up to a month too, and just defrost in the fridge overnight when it’s needed! Perfect for when sunrise guests show up!

And if that wasn’t enough, I have cream egg brownies too!!!

There really is something for all chocolate lovers this Easter. To order, head over to my Facebook page and send me a message or email me at

Happy Mother’s Day 💐💐

I’m excited to have a day off from baking! My bunch are treating me to a trip to ikea 😂😂

We are also celebrating with this afternoon tea lemon cake inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The lemon flavour is delicious and it’s so cute!

While my kids are still a bit young to be let loose in the kitchen I get full say over my own cakes 😂😂

I hope all you mums out there are spoilt rotten today!

Crystal xx